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Wednesday 26th. March 2018

Up Up and Away ??

The original plan was for 70 metre high stacks but that was increased to 120 metres
so that emissions would rise up and away over the Goss Moor SSSI.
Below is a recent image of emissions not going up up and away but
almost horizontal towards St.Austell.
Further videos and photos of emissions can be seen using the link below this photo.

Horiizontal stack emissions

See More Videos and Photos of the Incinerator Emissions

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Incinerator roof damaged again by high wind

Photos courtesy of Derek Williams

Incinerator Roof Damage December 2017

Incinerator Roof Damage December 2017

Incinerator Roof Damage December 2017

Incinerator Roof Damage December 2017

Incinerator Roof Damage December 2017

Damage sustained by the incinerator roof again in high winds.
Insulation from the roof was scattered locally.




Thursday 23rd.February 2017
Incinerator roof damaged in moderately high wind

Incinerator roof damage

Damage sustained by the incinerator roof in moderately high winds.
Insulation from the roof was scattered across the local area.

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Thursday 9th. February 2017
Suez to pay £505,000 for pollution at
Cornwall's largest landfill

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Monday 21st. November 2016
Cornwall Burns Manchester's Waste
In a letter to the Cornish Guardian Ken Rickard discloses where waste for the incinerator
at St.Dennis is being sourced from by Suez (Sita).

To read Ken's letter

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Monday 17th.October 2016
Incinerator Noise
Recently loud noises have been heard coming from the incinerator site.
On Saturday 15th.October 2016 a loud noise coming from the site
could be heard from a kilometre away.
The noise which sounded like pressurised steam escaping continued for over an hour.
The wind direction at the time was not towards the camera.
Listen to the noise

Incinerator Emissions
We were told there would be no harmful emissions from the incinerator.
Does this look pollutant free ?

Saturday 7th.February 2015
More Incinerator Stack Swaying

This Time With Personnel Working at the Top !!
On Saturday 7th.February both of the twin incinerator stacks started swaying yet again
but alarmingly this time there was somebody working at the top of one of the stacks.
The incident was filmed by a local resident and it has been uploaded to our Youtube channel.
In the top left hand corner of the footage there is an enlargement of top of the stack and the person working there.

Please Click Here to View Footage

An open e-mail to residents from Councillor Fred Greenslade 6th.February 2015

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An open letter to residents from SITA 6th.February 2015

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Incinerator Stack Swaying Again

Following the swaying of one stack witnessed by many residents of St.Dennis on Monday 2nd.February 2015
stack swaying started again after dark on Thursday 5th. February 2015.
The image below is a slow shutter speed photograph of the twin stacks
and the red light at the top of one stack leaves a light trail of movement.

Incinertaor stack swaying after dark

Some footage of the stack swaying after dark was taken by a St.Dennis resident.
Unfortunately no detail of the stacks is visible due to the low light levels
but the red light at the top of one stack can clearly be seen moving.

Click Here - Incinerator Stack Swaying After Dark

Major incident at incinerator site

St.Dennis Incinerator twin stacks will eventually stand 120 metres high.

On Monday 2nd.February 2015 after the construction team had installed a section of one stack taking it to 100 metres high it began swaying dramatically.

At the time there was little or no wind.

Local MP Stephen Gilbert has reported the incident to the Health and Safety Executive and has urged them to investigate the matter.

The incident was videoed by local residents who were very concerned at what they were witnessing.

Please use the links below to view some of the footage on our Youtube Channel

Incinerator stack - Video 01 Incinerator stack - Video 02 Incinerator stack - Video 03

Below is a link to footage filmed by Derek Williams

Incinerator stack - Video 04


SWaying Stack

The incinerator site as seen on Tuesday 3rd.February with the site closed