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Major Incident at Incinerator Site Feb 2015 - Stack Swaying

An Evening with Ted Gundry

Cornwall Waste Forum St Dennis Branch Challenges Environment Agency on Waste Hierarchy

Cornwall Council refuses to address the issues

Moratorium on incineration - A new e-petition launched PLEASE SIGN

Report on High Court ruling announced Monday 29th of March 2012

Cornwall could save millions of pounds through increased recycling

Latest Cornwall Council Q & A's

Secretary of State Notice of Appeal November 2011

A Village Betrayed

Anger at Council Leader's Letter to Secretary of State

Imperial College London carry out
Incineration Health Research for Health Protection Agency

STIG horrified as Cornwall Council Apply netting on hedgerows along route of
proposed incinerator access road

Radio Cornwall Report on Hedgerow Netting

Incinerator plans halted in Hull as councils end WRG contract

Waste crisis means 80 giant furnaces set for go-ahead in 2011

What's the official line on incinerators? There isn't one

Chancellor opposes waste disposal on his doorstep

Cornwall Council Waste Collection Survey

Environment Agency Criticised on Timing by Cornwall Councillors as EA issue Environmental Permit

A poem from Clarice Westlake about incineration

St.Dennis PC and STIG Responses to the EA Draft Permit

Public Inquiry Closing Submissions

Summary of meeting with Environment Agency September 2010

The Independent on Sunday - UK may have to import rubbish for incinerators

Cornish firm has jointly won a £4.5 million food waste-to-energy contract

David Cameron - A Question on Incineration

The Story of Stuff by Annie Leonard

Photos of balloon hoisted 13th.May 2010

Prof. Paul Connett Lecture on Zero Waste at Eden Project

Benefit evening raises £213 for our campaign fund

STIG Benefit Evening - Bert Biscoe, Pol Hodge & Tony Truscott

Public Inquiry Comes to St.Dennis

Rule 6 Parties Proofs of Evidence

Environment Agency Record of Assessment of Likely Significant Effect On A European Site

National Air Quality Modelling and Assesment Unit Meteorological Data

STIG Response to Council Statement November 2009

CEE Bankwatch - Fuelling The Fire

Cornwall Council Statement & Councillors Statement November 2009

Letters to Councillors & Planning Inspectorate October 2009

Good Is Planet Earth Petition

Tim Smit at Eden Project Speaks Out Against Incinerator

Cornwall Council Will Robustly Defend Planning Decision

Tuesday 1st. September 2009 - SITA SUBMIT APPEAL

Strategy Group Re-named

The Advertising Standards Agency
Instructs SITA to withdraw misleading Cornwall Incinerator Leaflet

A series of photomontages created by STIG showing what the
proposed incinerator would look like from various viewpoints.

S.T.I.G. sends a letter to every newly elected Cornwall Councillor

BBC CountryFile - Energy from Anaerobic Digestion

S.T.I.G. Letter to each Cornwall Council 2009 Election Candidate

Cornwall County Council Planning Officers Report Published

Photomontages of what the proposed incinerator would look like from various viewpoints

Letters Presentation Gallery

High Court Success by Capel Action Group

A Slideshow From Jade

S.T.I.G. Video - From Finn - The Children's View

S.T.I.G. Video Message to CCC Planning Committee

Restormel Borough Council Votes No Again

S.T.I.G. Information Bulletins to County Council Planning Committee

View of Balloon from St.Dennis Fore Street

S.T.I.G. Response to SITA Additional Information

S.T.I.G. Response to SITA Environment Agency Permit Application

S.T.I.G. Response to SITA Planning Application

Restormel Borough Council Vote Against Incinerator Proposal

County Councillors Details

Playground Poison ? - Poster

Caroline Jackson on Shanks plc Payroll

Dr. Van Steenis Talk in Surrey

4th. Report of the British Society for Ecological Medicine
(The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators)

Colnbrook - Fresh Incinerator Fears

The Eden Project Does NOT Oppose Incineration

Cornwall County Council Survey

Greater Manchester Council Rejects Incineration & Chooses MBT

Norwich Evening News 24 - Tories On Incineration

Peter Ainsworth On Incineration

Norfolk Council Decide Against Incinerator

Eden Fridge Magnet Message

Cornwall County Hall of Fame

Cornwall County Hall of Shame

Fly Ash Information and Articles

Cornwall County Council Sign Sita Contract 16th.October 2006

Hazardous waste Plant Fire USA

SITA Contract Secrecy

SITA Health & Safety Record

Cornwall Map of Emissions Fallout

S.T.I.G. sample letters to download and send - September 2006

LetsRecycle.com report on SITA Kirklees incinerator incident

Huddersfield Examiner report on SITA Kirklees incinerator incident

Soil Association view on incineration

S.T.I.G. holds peaceful packaging protest

Artist impressions of incinerator at St.Dennis

Friends of the Earth - The way forward on waste

The Green Building Press - Green incineration claims misleading

Ken Livingstone says no new incinerators in London

Matthew Taylor calls for public enquiry

The monster might get bigger - question extracted from an update on Cornwall's Waste Plan