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High Court to quash planning consents for a Mass Burn Incinerator at Clockhouse Brickworks, Capel

The planning consents approved by Surrey County Council on 9 December 2008 for a mass burn incinerator at Clockhouse Brickworks, Capel are to be quashed following a hearing before Mr Justice Collins in the High Court on 28 and 29 January 2009 .

The decision by Mr Justice Collins followed a claim submitted by Capel Parish Council, under section 113 of the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004, challenging the adoption by Surrey County Council of parts of the Surrey Waste Plan on 6 May 2008 . The allocation of the Clockhouse Brickworks site in policy WD5: Thermal Treatment Facilities of the adopted Plan will be removed.

The Judgment is expected to be issued in mid to end February.

This represents a just outcome for the people of Capel. The village has been blighted with the prospect of a mass-burn incinerator for 10 years and residents have worked tirelessly over that time to defeat Surrey County Council's ill-conceived intentions. The County Council has now been defeated twice in the High Court and its approach to planning once again has been found to be seriously flawed. The County Council has wasted substantial public funds and should now jettison any further thoughts on major waste development in Capel and the further squander of public funds. We must all hope that wise counsel will now prevail at County Hall.

Capel Action Group
30 January 2009