Cornwall Council Waste Collection Survey

Have your say...on the future of your recycling and waste collections

Cornwall Council is currently reviewing the way it collects your recycling and waste and  would value your views on this.
Paper copies of this survey are available at the Council One Stop Shops and libraries.


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CLOSING DATE is 31 December 2010

Cornwall Councils says:-
It costs approximately £1.99 to collect, transport and landfill a black bag of rubbish,
but only £0.41 to collect and recover a box or bag of recycling.

STIG says:-
Incentivise recycling via rewards ( i.e. lottery/community awards) & ensure residents are all made aware
of comparative costs for dealing with a bag of recycling versus a black bag of residuals.

Weekly food waste collections would yield a far higher rate of uncontaminated recyclables.
Recycling collections of all plastics & tetra packs would significantly reduce the amount of residual waste requiring collection & disposal.