Cornwall Waste Forum


8th.November 2013


9.00am : Gather at County Hall, Truro, by the main entrance to Picket and Lobby Councillors.

 Some plackards supplied, but if you have your own, bring them along.

(Should end approx 10.30am)

11.00am: Rod Toms on soap box  down on the Piazza

(probably near the Drummer or it might be at the top of the underpass by M&S).

Come along and help him out & maybe have a go at public speaking yourself.

Any time this week: Write letters to the papers or phone up BBC Cornwall to tell them what you think.

Any problems or suggestions contact Rod on rodtoms@uwclub.net


On 11th July Cornwall Council's Waste Development Advisory Panel members received a presentation by Cornwall Waste Forum:

" How to save money in Cornwall's waste management "

The presentation lasted around twenty minutes and was followed by members questions.
To summarise, CWF proposes a high recycling, decentralised approach to waste management with:

  • Three sorting plants (to remove recyclable materials from black bag waste)
  • Three AD (anaerobic digestion) plants to deal with organic waste
  • A large waste awareness programme.

The Waste Advisory Panel voted to recommend to Cabinet that:

(i) the high recycling option, presented by the Cornwall Waste Forum, and the Council’s incinerator option, be independently assessed as a matter of urgency,

(ii) and that this work be carried out in advance of any recommencement of physical works on the incinerator proposal.
The request for an independent assessment was carried unanimously, while the second part of the proposal was carried by six votes to two.
We note that, with the exception of Cllr Double, no Cabinet members attended this meeting and that Cabinet members were also unable to accept CWF's invitation to attend a repeat of the presentation on
13th July.
We therefore urge Cabinet members to please ensure that this presentation is provided to them, before they consider these recommendations.
It is surely worth allocating the time for a fuller understanding of the proposals put forward.
No doubt every aspect of planned expenditure is under continuing review in these difficult times.
We hope Cabinet members will support an urgent , independent and unbiased assessment of the Cornwall Waste Forum proposal .


It is imperative, for both Cornwall and Democracy to ensure that the costs of the Incinerator project are transparent and whether it does, in fact, provide best value

Please Click Here to Download Full Presentation



Legal Challenge Fund.

To date, a considerable sum has been raised in St Dennis through local fundraising events & donations from local people and supporters throughout the Duchy and Nationally.       
Funds are used for legal administration and court fees. As the Forums future legal representations will continue by way of the UK and EU legal systems, it is imperative that fund raising continues.

Could you organise a fund raising activity, in your area ?

Please send your donations  to Chairman of CWF

Ken Rickard,
12 Trelavour, St.Dennis, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL26 8AR.
Tel:01726 822 636
email: kenrick.trelavour@tiscali.co.uk

 CHEQUES SHOULD BE MADE PAYABLE to:  Cornwall Waste Forum St Dennis Branch


Appeal Court Ruling

Cornwall Waste Forum St Dennis Branch Chair Ken Rickard reports:

The Court of Appeal judgement was announced at 9.50am Thursday 29th March 2012 in the Royal Courts of Justice, sadly it upheld the Secretary of States Appeal.

We, the Cornwall Waste Forum St.Dennis Branch, along with our legal team are obviously disappointed. However the grounds of the judgement decision are open to further challenge.
It must be emphasised that this is not the end of the road as regards to our campaign as there are still various options open to us.

The campaign will continue until all avenues are exhausted.
Our legal team have already applied for leave to appeal to the Supreme court and if necessary will take our case to the European Court.

Also an injunction is being considered to prevent SITA from restarting any work on the planning proposal.
As more, if any, relevant information comes to hand I will keep you all informed.
Therefore it is imperative for our fund raising campaign continues.
My sincere thanks to all who have supported and followed our campaign to date.
Chair of CWFSDB.


On Monday 27 February 2012 a small band of Trelawney’s army travelled to the Royal Courts of Justice in London, at their own expense, to represent the Cornwall Waste Forum St.Dennis Branch at the Court of Appeal.

This hearing was brought about by the Secretary of State appealing against the previous High Court decision to quash SITA's planning application to build an incinerator at St.Dennis.

To hear the Appeal were three senior High Court judges, Lady Justice Arden, Lord Justice Carnwath and Lord Justice Moore-Bick.

 As the appellant, the Secretary of State was represented by QC Warren, SITA by QC Phillips and CWFSDB, the defendant, by QC David Wolfe.

The respective appealing QCs presented their witness statements and were robustly cross examined this took up four hours of court time.

CWFSDB QC David Wolfe presented his witness statement based on the same legal issues which were presented to the High Court and during cross examination continued to stand by these issues.

The main issue being, who was the competent authority, the lack of an Appropriate Assessment, and the right to challenge. This took one hour to present.

The Appeal was closed at 4.35pm when we were told by Lady Justice Arden that a decision would be announced in two weeks time and there would be no need for members of the public to attend.

At the court we were joined for a time by own MP Stephen Gilbert who later gave a TV interview.

During the day starting at 4.15am at Exeter Services the Trelawney’s Army were filmed by BBC TV. This was followed by more filming throughout the day and included several interviews with members of our group and myself.

My sincere thanks to all who travelled for their support and company and to all supported us by their conveyed best wishes, it is appreciated.

Ken Rickard,
Chair of CWFSDB