Environment Agency Issue Permit

At 10:00 a.m. on the 7th. December 2010, The Environment Agency made a media release stating that they had issued an environmental permit to operate the proposed mass burn incinerator at St.Dennis. At the exact same time Judy Proctor and Simon Holbrook from The Environment Agency were giving a presentation about the permit to Cornwall Council’s Waste Development Advisory Panel (WDAP) at County Hall Truro.

Cornwall Councillor members of the WDAP were clearly not impressed with the timing of the permit being issued as they had not been given the opportunity to read the 38 page permit document or the 207 page accompanying decision document prior to the presentation and could therefore only ask general questions.

The many “general” questions asked by Cornwall Councillors were not answered to the satisfaction of some councillors one of which described an answer as “clear as mud” stating that he was concerned before the presentation but was more concerned after the presentation.

Judy Proctor and Simon Holbrook have been invited back to another meeting when the WDAP members have had time to read the permit and decision document so that more specific questions can be put to them.

The STIG committee too will need some time to read the permit and decision document after which we will release our response.

The issuing of the environmental permit is by no means the end of the road as planning permission has not been granted for the proposed incinerator. The Secretary of State will make his decision in April 2011 regarding the public inquiry and STIG will continue to vigorously oppose incineration in Cornwall.

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