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Opposing Cornwall Incinerator

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Below are some comments left by people signing the petition

JB - Rhondda
We had an incinerator in the Rhondda as a result of which many people, including my husband and many of his friends died from different forms of cancer.Protest my friens.PROTEST NOW BEFORE IT PROVES TO LATE

SH - Reading
The opinions of the people who live there MUST be listened to. THEY DONT WANT IT any more than YOU would if it was on YOUR doorstep. GOOD LUCK!

RL - Penzance
From what I have read this will cause an increase in cancers in Cornwall and deaths related to them. Would the gentlemen from SITA and Cornwall Council be happy to play Russian Roulette with their own families lives?

AG - St.Austell
This incinerator MUST be blocked. If installed it will pollute the already polluted air and encourage waste to be burnt (and produced), and discourage recycling and other sustainable ways of reducing and dealing with waste.

JR - Redruth
A waste incinerator in this location where the main businesses of cornwall is farming and tourism, where polutants are going to be harmful the enviroment and economy Surely there are other way of dealing with Cornwalls Waste.Think long term about our waste and future generations

HD - Cornwall
Emissions of Co2and polluting particlesand gases from incinerators are bad enough for usand the planet but the tiny particulates which by pass nostril and bronchial cilla and loddge in lung tissue will unnessesarly limit our breathing capacity,thereby taxing our health service and curtail ability to work.Animaal husbandry will sufferr,vet costs will suffer

MA - United Kingdom
There are eco friendly solutions to the waste problem - so please use them and forget the Incinerator

TA - Cornwall
There are many solutions to the waste problem - the Incinerator, with its toxic output is not one of them

CJ - Ladock
We need to localise waste disposal, and ensure that it is clean disposal, and extracting the maximum energy from the waste for use locally.

SD - Mansfield
To save everybody time and expense, Sita should withdraw their application and accept the verdict of the Planning Committee

AL - East Lothian
i wish you good luck with your campaign,we had the same threat but we one the day i give you support.The way things are today they cant kid the people anymore.

DJ - St.Dennis
Sitas track record on keeping promises. I have been told at a presentation by David Buckle if the people of St. Dennis are against our Incinerator being built we shall not build. Again they are not listening. If they do build a 400ft toxic chimney 200 metres from our village on farmland this will destroy our village and put our childrens health at risk. The nearby primary school is in direct line with the proposed chimney. How do we as parents live with ourselves if a healthy 3 year old boy now becomes ill in the coming years. A village of some 2000 people to accept the whole of Cornwalls waste seems absurd. The transport of waste by road means journeys of 70 miles for one vehicle to one site. Fuel costs and traffic jams on our roads and also these large lorries taking short cuts through villages is a disaster waiting to happen. Sita have never built a Incinerator next to a village always on the edge of large towns they have also told me at one of their presentations.

GF - United Kingdom
I firmly believe that incineration is NOT the way to deal with today's waste problems. IReduce, re-use and re-cycle does work!n cineration produces environmental toxins which are unseen.

LD - United Kingdom
Incinerators are 'old' technology - sensible recycling will reduce waste and resources should be devoted to this.

AW - Cornwall
burning our rubbish will neither solve our landfill problems or energy issues!we have to make some tough decisions now, but this shouldn't be one of them

DL - Wiltshire
Rural counties have waste service options which are better value for money than incineration, increase the recycling and diversion from landfill targets and don't increase CO2

LM - Carharrack
Incineration is not the way forward. We must have a sustainable environment friendly waste policy.

BF - Gloucestershire
This unsustainable technology will create toxic residues that will be disposed of in our village, polluting our children's future too

LS - Cornwall
Incinerators are outdated and destroy valuable resources that we should be preserving for future generations. They are polluting and dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Cornwall should not be taking such a short sighted, short term solution to this problem but should be looking for long term sustainable ways to resolve this issue.

NH - No Location
There is overwhelming evidence that waste incinerators are major pollutants and potential health hazard. They should not be part of a waste disposal solution. It is technology from the Ark! Even if there was a case for an incinerator, why on earth locate it right by an urban community. Do SITA not employ anybody with common sense? The council (who represent the interests of the local community by the way) have refused permission. What happened to democracy?

BB - Aberdeenshire
Incinerators are unsustainable, given they will burn materials with a higher embodied energy content than the useful energy released by it's combustion. As it is unsustainable, it can not be considered Best Practicable Environmental Option (BPEO) Incineration brings with it increased morbidity and mortality in populations adjacent to incinerator sites, localised by prevailing wind, and dated to incinerator start up. It's time for local govt to report back to regional govt that incineration is socially unacceptable. they should develop instead a 'fit for purpose' reduce, re-use, recycle, and composting infrastructure as an alternative to landfill, rather than incineration of waste as a means of final disposal.

SF - East Lothian
Incinerators directly contradict Zero Wast policy and discourage reduction in waste

JB - Penzance
Anaerobic digester would be far superior & less wasteful

SB - Rainworth
It is time the UK stopped incinerating waste

RS - Porthleven
Other means of dealing with waste are available without contaminating the Duchy and causing a risk to health and our food industry that employs many Cornish workers. This is an ill conceived costly plan

PM - No Location
it is outragous and sickening. Shame on sita

GG - Cornwall
micro waste sites servicing the main areas of population throughout cornwall will reduce the carbon footprint of transporting waste to dispose of it. If green tchnology is to be at the cutting edge of cornwall being a green county it should sasrt with our waste disposal

LL - No Location
Cornwall canact as an exemplar of new localised resilience. Local use of waste materials not huge burn.

MG - Highlands
Incineration is so wrong The earth can not sustain contiual mining and then burning of it's resources and humans will pay the price for being exposed to the pollutants created.

GL - Truro
We all need to be aware of the full impact and consequences that this type of project will have and do what we can to protect our people, land and prospects.

MP - No Location
Should be looking at something more up to date to solve the problem. Incineration is not the way forward in 2009 and beyond.

PA - Derby
if you have an incinerator in cornwall /there is no way my family will holiday there again .incinerators cause cancers ,abnormal children miserey .and cost double of recycling even moscow has stopped incinerators .they say recycling is half the cost .and no toxic ash waste / health is more important than wealth

MS - Mullion
Smoking Kills thats a goverment warning we all know so WHY dont they heed there own warning

MM - St.Dennis
Incineration is not the right technology for a green future. the sheer size of this proposal would also be the ruination of St.Dennis And Treviscoe and be a blot on the crnish landscape from miles around with a stack of 400 feet.

MB - No Location
Do not contaminate our environment for the sake of a short term solution to waste disposal. Please think of our health, and the health of our children. Think also of the wildlife.... think of the long term consequences. Do something different for Cornwall

AB - Portsmouth
This kind of approach (incineration) is a retrograde step, is in no way a sustainable solution, and would be disastrous for the environment as a whole, not just the people of Cornwall. SITA's appeal must be turned down

TM - Highlands Scotland
Invasion of Incinerators must be stopped. Apart from the fact they excrete Dioxins/furans etc the worst is the fact that they are destroying the planet. To keep feeding these things we have to rip natural raw materials from the planet make it sell it consume then Burn it and then we repeat the process. How utterly stupid is that, it is a proven fact that it is cheaper easier and saves the planet if we use The 3 R's REDUCE REUSE RECYCLE so use The 3 R's (Be'ave Yourself Reduce Reuse Recycle)

PB - Cornwall
Please stop these abominations everywhere.We need waste minimisation, to conserve finite resoures, and benign technologies, A.D for bio waste. Stop Polluting the Poor, with mass burn incinerators. Start zero waste initiatives. No community's health & well being should be sacrificed on the altar of waste.

HF - Mullion
After much research regarding the detrimental health implications of the proposed incinerator site at St. Dennis. I have come to the conclusion that the dioxins and nanoparticles will only serve to antagonise my daughter's ongoing severe asthmatic condition.

RG - Scottish Highlands
This affects far more than just he people in Cornwall. Incineration is damaging to the ecosystem and biodeiversity not only in terms of CO2 emissions (up to 2 tonnes of CO2 for every 1 tonne of rubbish burned) but also in terms of wasting resources that the Earth cannot replace. Incineration is short sited and selfish. People who are enthusiastic for it are either cold, calous, calculting, greedy individuals or they are simply misguided and don't know the full facts about the effects of burning.

SM - Callington
There are better ways than this

RH - Ross-shire Scotland
I hope Cornwall will be allowed to remain beautiful.

LB - Cornwall
This abomination should never be considered for our beautiful county, especially within a village.

CC - St.Dennis
I have fault this from the start.It is in the wrong place we do not need a incinerator in cornwall.If it is built my home will have 350 lorries a day going past my front door ,this as been my home for twenty years surly this inot right for my family & st dennis.Do not let sita do this.

CW - Holland
This incinerator will cause hundreds of lorries to chock up an already glutted/standstill A30. It is a poor financial option, needing rubbish from outwith Cornwall to keep it running at anyhere near optional capacity. It is a knee-jerk reaction that ignores the fact that the UK is ALREADY into peak-oil energy decline, meaning the incinerator will be useless once fuel prices to bring rubbish are too high to be realistic. Reconsider this short-term, high cost bad idea.