Ken Livingstone says no new incinerators in London

In September 2003 the Mayor launched his Municipal Waste Management Strategy for London, which sets out a number of policies and proposals for the recovery, treatment and disposal of municipal waste.  His strategy supports the waste hierarchy concentrating on reducing and reusing waste, recycling and composting, with incineration and landfill at the bottom of that hierarchy. 

The Mayor’s vision is to make London an exemplary sustainable world city and self sufficient in managing its waste.  By 2020 the Mayor wants to see London managing 85% of its waste arisings within London which means encouraging the reduction of waste, and looking at more recycling and recovery options. 

In The London Plan, the Mayor’s Spatial Development Strategy for Greater London there are a number of policies on waste planning.  In order to meet the national policy aim that most waste should be treated or disposed of within the region in which it is produced. 

Proposal 36 in the Mayors Municipal Waste Strategy states:

‘Having regard to existing incineration capacity in London, and with a view to encouraging an increase in waste reduction, reuse, recycling and composting and the development of new emerging advanced conversion technologies for waste and new treatment methods such as Mechanical Biological Treatment, the Mayor will support and encourage these waste management methods in preference to any increase in conventional incineration capacity…’

The Mayor’s Municipal Waste Management Strategy identifies a number of alternative recovery technologies available for development in London, which will help promote sustainability in preference to conventional incineration. 

If you would like further information on The Mayors Municipal Waste Management Strategy it can be viewed at: