The Monster Might Get Bigger !

Below is a key question extracted from an update on Cornwall's Waste Plan
( Information Supplied by Cornwall County Council )

What if by 2020 the plant is not big enough to cope?

Sizing an EfW is not an exact science.  It requires assumptions to be made.  Some people are concerned that the 240 tonne EfW is too large and that it will starve out recycling. Others have said that it is not big enough and will have to be expanded in the future.
The size has been determined on an assumption that the maximum arisings during the contract term will be 520,000 tonne pa.  If waste arisings are in excess of this, the council can ask the contractor to increase the capacity of the EfW by adding a third processing line.  The cost of such a variation would be borne by the Council.  The EfW has been designed to allow the inclusion of an additional line should this be required.  Alternatively the Council could decide to landfill the waste instead.  However we hope that the public will achieve reasonable levels of recycling.  In which case the size will be sufficient for the life of the contract.