Peaceful Packaging Protest

On Saturday 16th.September 2006 supporters of STIG held a peaceful packaging protest at the Asda store St.Austell. This was acompanied by leaflets that were distributed in the Asda car park.

The leaflet read as follows :-

Cornwall County Council tell us that we are undergoing a crisis regarding the disposal of our rubbish.

However, masses of what we thoughtlessly throw into our bins should never have been made in the first place !

Packaging in general, and food packaging in particular, accounts for a large proportion of our waste, and the majority of it is not recyclable through our existing recycling facilities.

We pay twice for the excess packaging - firstly, the cost. This is added to our groceries, along with additional transport costs because of the bulk. Secondly, we then pay through our Council Tax to have this unnecessary rubbish taken away ! Are we mugs or what ? Manufacturers in the meantime reckon that we buy more of their products because the excess packaging makes the product look nicer ( so maybe we actually pay three times ).

The St.Dennis Incinerator Group (S.T.I.G.) is bringing these issues to your attentiion, since it is because of how much we throw away that Cornwall County Council wants to privatise our waste, giving a French company millions of pounds of your money to build a filthy nasty polluting incinerator.

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Have you thought about where your waste goes after you have filled your black bag ?

Do you want to be environmentally friendly ?

Have you considered how to minimise your impact on the environment in Cornwall ?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions, here are some ways in which you can help.

  • Don't buy over packaged goods
  • Start re-cycling glass, cardboard, foil and plastic where possible
  • Compost garden and kitchen waste
  • Leave as much packaging as you can in the shop
  • Try to avoid buying goods wrapped in packaging that cannot be re-cycled

Unless we make it clear to retailers, large supermarkets and manufacturers we don't need or want over-packaged goods, our Council will continue with their plans to burn it, resulting in us inhaling it !

Visit www.womens-institute.co.uk for the address of all major supermarkets and write to them demanding that they reduce packaging on products.

Please dispose of this leaflet responsibly and re-cycle