Incinerator Public Inquiry - Have Your Say !

Memo from the Programme Officer


Arrangements have been made to hold a day of the Public Inquiry for
interested parties and local residents to present their evidence on the
Cornwall Energy Recoveries Centre proposal. This will take place on

Wednesday, 21 April 2010
St Dennis War Memorial Institute & Working Men’s’ Club
Fore Street, St Dennis PL26 8AD

It will open at 9.30am.

I must emphasise that these sessions are formal sessions of the Inquiry and
are not being held as a public meeting where questions are invited and issues open for general discussion.

Evidence is usually presented by reading from a prepared text and, in view of
the number of people wishing to speak, it would be helpful if all presentations
could be provided in writing. These can be handed to me shortly before you
appear, or sent to me electronically beforehand.

All Public Inquiries try to avoid repetition of the same point of evidence. Whilst I realise that this will be difficult to assess when preparing your written
statement, when it comes to presentation, if you have heard the issue on
which you wish to make a statement having been already covered by others,
it would be helpful if you simply voice your support for those views, adding
your own on any fresh issues.

I would ask you please to let me know your preference time for
appearance on that day and I will do my very best to programme speakers
according to their preference. It would also be helpful to know please how
long you belief you need to make your statement.

Please contact me
by e-mail to


by phone to
07715 999082

or leave a message for me via my office on 01403 217799.

Brenda Taplin
Programme Officer
7 April 2010

The Inspector has asked that those residents/interested parties speaking on Wednesday 21st April at the Working Men's Club St Dennis,  provide a written copy of their statement by Tuesday 20th.

It can be e-mailed to the programme organiser  Brenda Taplin at the e-mail address above