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Restormel Borough Council Consultee Meeting

On Tuesday 22nd July, Restormel Borough Councillors met to debate and decide on the planning application submitted by Sita U.K. for the construction of an incinerator near St.Dennis.

Members of the public filled the Council Chamber to capacity with the meeting be relayed by loudspeaker to the foyer to accommodate those unable to gain seats in the main room.

The Development and Control officer provided full details of the proposals which was augmented by visual displays and montages which were displayed around the Chamber. Following his presentation, members of the public were given the opportunity to speak with some 11 speakers, including two of the prospective parliamentary candidates all calling for the rejection of the application. One speaker was in favour, this being the environmental consultant retained by Sita U.K. The two ward Councillors then made a presentation urging rejection. They then had to leave the meeting as they had forfeited their voting rights by supporting their local communities.

Members of the Council then spent some time in debating the application, asking questions of the planning officer and expressing their concerns at some of the statements within the planning application.

A resolution was then agreed and Councillors voted unanimously to object to the planning application, and in addition agreed that as part of the resolution a letter should be forwarded to the County Council asking that Ward Councillors and a representative of STIG be allowed to speak when the application was considered at County Hall and that a letter also be forwarded to the Government Office for the South West asking that a public inquiry be called.

A long meeting which finished at 10.15 p.m. but a small battle won in the fight to stop Sita U.K. and their plans for St.Dennis and the surrounding villages.