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Main picture - Matthew Taylor MP addressing a packed audience
Inset picture - Dr.Dick van Steenis


S.T.I.G. thanks the St.AustellVoice for their support and coverage of our campaign.

Wednesday 20th.September 2006

Stop Contract as 'twin' incinerator explodes

For bigwigs the timing could not have been worse.

As they champion the merits of an all-singing, all dancing incinerator for St.Dennis, an identical model up country has exploded - causing up to £10 million worth of damage and potential harm to the environment.

And in a further blow, councillors from St.Dennis and Roche saw the devastation at first hand - having accepted an offer from waste company SITA to inspect the plant.

The blast destroyed the inside of the incinerator - meaning tax payers had to fork out thousands of pounds to landfill their rubbish.

And SITA faces hefty fines after pollution went into the air and possibly a canal.

Now John Wood, councillor for Restormel Roche Rock ward, and Fred Greenslase, Restormel councillor for St.Dennis Rock ward, say plans to sign a £500 million waste contract, with an identical incinerator at it's heart, should be scrapped.

Cllr. Wood said : "For the people of Cornwall, this accident could not have happened at a better time. It proves these incinerators are not safe - that is all there is to it.

"It gives Cornwall County Council the opportunity and justification for reviewing it's stance"

The explosion happened at the five year old Kirklees plant in Huddersfield, when an engineer overode it's computer system. A water pipe burst, which put out the incinerator fire. The engineer pored in 28,000 litres of diesel to re-start it, which turned the water into steam. The machine buckled and exploded.

Putrefying waste will have to be left for NINE WEEKS while the situation is being sorted out.

Cllr. Wood added : "We thank SITA publicly for giving us this most unexpected opportunity to witness for ourselves just what happens when a modern EFW goes wrong."


The Voice tries to take the heat out of the incinerator debate and asks the question of our county newspaper

"Since you weren't there, how could these smiling faces of protest possibly be construed as 'violent' ?


Open letter from St.Dennis Incinerator group

"Disgusted at the public being lied about, but facts ignored"

STIG were dismayed on reading the Cornish Guardian last Wednesday that there must have been another protest in the village, that we were obviously not invited to nor would have approved of. The one that we attended was peaceful, if rather cross. The one that the paper described sounded down-right violent. 

It is interesting that Cornwall County Council have chosen to see the exercise of the democratic right to protest in such a threatening light.  Even more illuminating is that as the only disinterested party that evening, the police force described the protest as peaceful, although with one minor traffic collision.

On this, STIG would like to make three points.
Firstly; that if the County Council cannot be trusted to tell the truth about a demonstration, then how can we trust their word in other matters ?

Secondly; surely "public consultation" should not be carried out behind locked doors with invited persons only. The threats to end even this highly limited consultation can only be evidence that the Council has tired of even this very limited part of the democratic process.

Thirdly, the "minor traffic collision" was instigated by Sita UK boss Peter Wright, when he drove into protestors.

STIG is disgusted that lies about members of the public can be printed in the newspapers, but factual (if distasteful) events that actually happened are ignored.

On this we can only conclude that the lives and health of local people are valued less than the reputations of the bosses of big businesses.