Cornwall could save millions of pounds through increased recycling

On Wednesday, 25th January, Cornwall Council's Cabinet will be considering whether to extend the range of materials included in recycling collections.

Currently it costs around 5 times more to dispose of a black bag of waste, at over £2, compared to a similar amount of recycling, at around 40p.

It is therefore disappointing to learn that only around 50% of households currently recycle.

A strong new recycling campaign by Cornwall Council would help to address this.

While it is hoped that the new uniform collection service throughout the County will help to improve participation rates,significant savings could be achieved were further materials to be included in recycling collections.

There is the potential to save millions of pounds through increased recycling as this would divert more materials away from landfill.

If everyone recycled as much as possible, it would help to save money by:

  • Reducing landfill tax liability, through reduced land filled tonnages
  • Increasing income to Cornwall Council from the sale of recyclables, thus reducing the need for Council Tax rises.
  • Conserving remaining landfill capacity
  • Conserving valuable materials for re-use

We are all responsible for the waste we produce therefore we can all help to reduce the costs that disposal incurs, by recycling everything we can.

Please support a vigorous and cost saving recycling regime in Cornwall which includes Mixed plastics, Tetra-type packs and Food waste.

Please ensure that you do all you can to REDUCE, RE-USE, RECYCLE