December 2012

Cornwall Council refuses to address the issues

Internationally respected waste management consultants, Eunomia, in their report “Assessing the Feasibility of an Alternative Plan for Waste Management in Cornwall.”

identify significant problems with Cornwall Council’s PFI waste management contract with SITA.

They say it is ‘out dated and not fit for purpose’, ‘expensive’ and ‘ poor value for money’.

Their report hilights the potential to save £20M a year over the the next 30 years.

These very serious conclusions demand a careful and considered response from Cornwall Council.

This has not been forthcoming.

Cornwall Council are refusing to address the issues raised.

We believe there is a strong case for a thorough review of the SITA contract, which could help relieve budgetary pressure on other areas of council services.

It is imperative to ensure that the costs of the Incinerator project are transparent and whether it does, in fact, provide best value.

As Eunomia conclude it does not, Cornwall Council must respond to their findings.


Eunomia's conclusions must be addressed.

If you agree please write to: Lance Kennedy CC

Cabinet Member for Community Safety, Public Protection and Waste Management


Send a copy to your own Councillor

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It is also important to contact your Member of Parliament.

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